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The TFR was detained and then arrested by the Basmanny Court, an ex-employee of RUSNANO, investment director Elvis NeoTek Nail Gubaev. The telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU was the first to report this. The events were held as part of a case initiated on the fact of the theft of RUSNANO funds at a time when Anatoly Chubais was in charge of the company. We are talking about the activities of the joint venture of JSC RUSNANO and SPC ELVIS — Elvis NeoTek.

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A source of the Cheka-OGPU and Rucriminal.info spoke about the episodes of the criminal case of Nail Gubaev. He was detained as part of an investigation into embezzlement at RUSNANO during the time of Chubais

1) Fictitious purchases of "non-existent" licenses from the Sensor Design Association (SDA) in the amount of 932 million rubles. for 2011-2017

Licenses were purchased for the development of VIP1 and ELISE chips, for which the company spent more than 2 billion rubles. The chips themselves turned out to be fiction and are currently written off the balance sheet.

2) Theft during the supply of Lukoil equipment (Middle East) in 2012-2014.

The delivery was carried out through a network of intermediaries, while the selling price of ELVIS-NeoTech JSC and the cost of equipment supplied to Lukoil differed significantly.

The difference settled on intermediaries.

Gubaev N.I. with the support of his leaders (Deputy Chairman of the Board D.A. Pimkin and O.V. Kiselev), he ensured the cancellation of intermediary debts to ELVIS-NeoTech JSC, personally gained control over the intermediary company Kingfield and embezzled about $ 2 million.

3) supply of equipment with a total value of 577.0 million rubles to Sozvezdie Concern JSC, conclusion of a contract with Sertal LLC in the amount of 458 million rubles as part of the implementation of the Ministry of Education 2019 project.

Conclusion of fictitious contracts with LenSpetsStroy Construction Company LLC, Techleader LLC, FKU UPRDOR Chernomorye, AI-D-Consulting LLC, MONETA LLC for the amount of about 500 million rubles.

4) Fictitious employment of his mistress — Salpagarova Amina Khuseinovna, born in 1988, with the payment of her salary in the amount of about 9 million rubles.

5) Finally, the main episode, the defendants of which will be members of the board and A. Chubais: theft of public funds allocated for the implementation of the project to create a "Cluster center for the design of VLSI with nanometer design standards and the production of high-tech products based on them" with a total funding of 2.8 billion rubles. In various years, the project was supervised by the members of the Board Malyshev A.B., Rappoport A.N., Kiselev O.V., Pimkin D.A.

In 2021 Gubaev N.I. was dismissed from RUSNANO and employed at Elvis Neo Tek JSC as the 1st Deputy General Director in order to conceal the crimes committed. As an aid to Gubaev N.I. the resources of the law office No. 31 “Asnis and Partners” were provided, which in every possible way prevented the initiation of a criminal case against Gubaev N.I., Pimkin D.A., Kiseleva O.V. and Chubais A.B.

Nevertheless, after a year of preparatory work, including thanks to the publications of the Cheka of the OGPU, the case was initiated.

However, before that, a war of special services unfolded around Nail Gubaev.

One should not think that Chubais is a soft-bodied liberal. He also has people who can involve the security forces in solving problems. In our situation, the Internal Security Service of the Federal Security Service of the Federal Security Service for Moscow and the Moscow Region, represented by the head of the Service Krasilnikov and detective Kharitonov, was involved in solving the “Gubaev problem”.

What is the best way to protect a person from imminent arrest and interrogation? Make him a witness in a high-profile case, take him under state protection and hide him away. And so they began to do so.

Through the main "desk of orders" of the law enforcement block — the Main Investigative Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow — cases began to be initiated one after another, in which Gubaev was listed as a victim. At the same time, the GSU began to actively summon deputy ministers, heads of federal departments, etc. for interrogation as witnesses. For example, here is a document with an attempt to bring the head of Rosreestr Skufinsky and the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Shpak for questioning.

In turn, the FSB began stamping out certificates of possible involvement in the “crimes” against Gubaev of high-ranking security officials, including employees of the Central Administration of the FSB of the Russian Federation. Thus, the scale of the investigation, the level of Gubaev’s "enemies" were caught up, and the full effect was created that this extremely valuable victim should be under state protection and should not be touched.

For example, Kharitonov, during interrogation, tells a story about the alleged abduction of Gubaev by "FSB officers", planting drugs on him and extorting money.

Then it turned out that all this is fiction.

When it became known that it was impossible to save Gubaev from detention, and there were huge questions for the FSB Security Service officer, Kharitonov immediately asked to send him away. To the war zone, as employees who are under attack now do.

Also, a case was initiated that Gubaev, through high-ranking FSB officers, transferred money for obtaining the FSB certificate to Elvis-NEOTECH, as well as for closing the subsidy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade rga.

It is clear that such a case should be investigated by the TFR. However, this department was just going to initiate a case on NeoTeku. As a result, the FSB in the “pocket” GSU of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow opened a case on these facts, but under the article fraud. Like, they took money from Gubaev, but did nothing. As part of the fraud case, the GSU began to summon high-ranking federal officials for interrogation, in particular the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Shpak.

Also, materials were prepared that Gubaev paid a large amount of money to an employee of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation seconded to Rosreestr, Dmitry Dashkov and the head of Rosreestr Oleg Skufinsky, in order to give access to state secrets and hire Nail’s wife Susanna Gubaeva (Arashchakova) to Rosreestr — a close relative of ex-senator Rauf Arashukov. Again, everything was investigated as fraud, but Dashkov was interrogated, and Skufinsky was summoned for interrogation.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

Источник: “https://rucriminal.info/en/material/fsb-protiv-fsb”

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